We Initiate, Impact, Inspire

We believe in living for today – and tomorrow. Everyone should have equal opportunities and access to staying healthy, mentally and physically.

This is why we want to share good health resources, knowledge and equipment and make these readily available for everyone. We want to break down physical, mental and financial barriers that exist pervasively in the fitness industry.

Surrounded by the many fad diets, cookie-cutter fitness programs that promise to get you the 2 weeks abs and fat-burning myths, we’re tired of the marketing gimmicks that only threaten to derail and demoralise you when they don’t work.

Research-Backed Practices

We advocate for science-driven programs and healthy living for everyone by carefully developing bespoke fitness and nutrition plans that can be easily followed and understood. We strive to transform and improve peoples’ relationships with exercise, wellness and food whilst helping them achieve their desired results.

Together with our community of RD Fitness, we help people realise the best versions of themselves through our sense of passion, strong work ethics and excellence.

Our dedication to you

While we’re driven by impactful and inspirational transformations made by our clients, we also believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and right tools to unlock their health goals in the long term, to promote lasting change in their lives. Be it weight loss, a healthier mindset, pain management, or athletic performance goals, we’ll guide and introduce you to deep health, healthier and smarter habits so we can create sustainable change in your lives.

We aim to transform lives by boosting your confidence, feeling in control of what you can do, and seizing the day so you feel energized, motivated and happier – ultimately improving relationships and inspiring others.

Our elite team

Whether you’re struggling to get healthier, recovering from an injury or gearing up on your performance, our team has done it all. Our trainers maintain a nationally accredited personal training certification and many specialized certifications for specific training modalities for your every need.

Sg Personal Training Trainer Private Gym Singapore
Sg Personal Training Trainer Private Gym Singapore

Build the strength of a lifetime

With our world-class certified team, integrated intelligence & knowledge, let us transform how you move, feel and recharge. Redeem a FREE trial with RD fitness today!